Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer Satisfaction

I was going through the Levco Marquees website the other night and I came across the testimonials section once again and though I must’ve read this a dozen times, I still enjoy reading it over and over because I just feel so proud of my team.

I remember each and every one of these events mentioned and it just makes me feel even more motivated to further improve our services.  You know what they say, “customer satisfaction guaranteed” and you that’s what we’re always aiming for.

Looking back, I think there are two things that sets us apart and endears us to the hearts of our customers.


First is punctuality.  I’ve always been very vocal to my staff how important and how much I value punctuality.  I would like us to be onsite an hour before meeting time.   Whether its for initial meeting, ocular, or actual start of construction, it doesn’t matter.

We know that our customers are busy people and that their time is important and we respect that which is why here at Levco Marquees, we value professionalism more than skill.


The other thing that sets us apart is initiative or pro-activity.  We’re not here just to do our jobs and what’s written on our job descriptions, we’re here to go above and beyond the call of duty.  We help you setup the chairs, guide your guests, or even carry stuff if needed.

For us, it’s not just a job or another wedding tent to be erected.  It’s a personal service, our way of helping you, our clients, in having a successful event and that’s all we care about.

Your Smile

It’s not the money or the recognition that makes this Marquee Hire Service Provider business all worth it.  What makes it worth all the hardwork is the smile on your faces after a successful event. Contact us now for a free quotation.

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