Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer Satisfaction

I was going through the Levco Marquees website the other night and I came across the testimonials section once again and though I must’ve read this a dozen times, I still enjoy reading it over and over because I just feel so proud of my team.

I remember each and every one of these events mentioned and it just makes me feel even more motivated to further improve our services.  You know what they say, “customer satisfaction guaranteed” and you that’s what we’re always aiming for.

Looking back, I think there are two things that sets us apart and endears us to the hearts of our customers.


First is punctuality.  I’ve always been very vocal to my staff how important and how much I value punctuality.  I would like us to be onsite an hour before meeting time.   Whether its for initial meeting, ocular, or actual start of construction, it doesn’t matter.

We know that our customers are busy people and that their time is important and we respect that which is why here at Levco Marquees, we value professionalism more than skill.


The other thing that sets us apart is initiative or pro-activity.  We’re not here just to do our jobs and what’s written on our job descriptions, we’re here to go above and beyond the call of duty.  We help you setup the chairs, guide your guests, or even carry stuff if needed.

For us, it’s not just a job or another wedding tent to be erected.  It’s a personal service, our way of helping you, our clients, in having a successful event and that’s all we care about.

Your Smile

It’s not the money or the recognition that makes this Marquee Hire Service Provider business all worth it.  What makes it worth all the hardwork is the smile on your faces after a successful event. Contact us now for a free quotation.

Marquee Hire Provider Stories: Weddings

My Favorite Event

So I met this old friend this past weekend for a potential client.  It’s been a while since we last saw each other so we had the chance to catch up with a few bottles of beer to boot.

As we were getting down to business, he asked me a question that I’ve never been asked before and somehow caught me off guard.

“Being a marquee hire service provider in London, what’s your favorite event?”

As marquee hire service providers, we get to host different kinds of events like corporate launches, birthdays, weddings or even yard sales for that matter so I got the chance to think for a few seconds and the only thing that came to mind is the beauty and drama that unfolds in a wedding ceremony.


The Magic of Weddings

It’s an inexplicable feeling to see the magic that happens during holy matrimony.  The vows exchanged, the groom’s astonished look as the bride comes in, and people’s reaction when both bride and groom cry due to so much joy.  Oh man, it does go beyond the wedding tent!

Other events like corporate launches and sales are a bit too formal for me and at some point, bores me to death.  It’s like just hanging in there until the program ends or after the designated speaker ends his speech to introduce the next five.  It’s redundant and lacks the drama I’m looking for.

Birthdays probably come in second on my list whether it’s children’s parties or debuts.  The mood is different.  It’s fun and people are just happy.  So many Kodak moments to capture so to speak.


Efficiency in Every Event

Regardless of the type of event we hold, one thing is for sure, and I told my friend this.  That every job we take, every client we work with, always come out more than satisfied and happy with our services which goes beyond the equipment we provide.

It’s the human touch, the value added service our clients get that sets us apart. Hundred percent, satisfaction guaranteed! Contact us now to assist your needs!


It’s More Than Just Marquees

What Sets Us Apart If We All Do Marquees?

We all know that the Marquee Hire Service Provider business is thriving especially here in the UK. There are literally more than a four hundred marquee hire services currently in operation which begs the question: What sets my business apart?

Okay, I would have to agree that every Marquee Hire Service Provider provides almost the same kind of service.  We all provide wedding tents, dance floors, heating devices, the works but that doesn’t mean that the services we provide are identical.

These equipment and the work we do before, during, and after the event will probably cancel each other out but if there’s one thing I am really proud of when it comes to MY business, it’s the initiative and the authenticity of my staff in dealing with people that stands out.


Value-added Service

Apart from how creatively the tents are erected and the gimmicks each service provider come up with, I believe that our advantage in Levco Marquees is the human touch.

Our service doesn’t end with the structure we build.  Definitely not!

At Levco Marquees, we make sure that we stay with you and work with you all throughout.  We’re not just gonna leave you and wait till the party ends, we’ll be there every step of the way and be your partner.

The little things like guiding an elderly to her seat or pointing you towards the nearest portable restroom.  That’s what sets us apart.  With us, you’re getting someone who will hold your hand and guide you.  That’s what I’m proud of!

You don’t have to look for the host to know if there are heaters for the cold weather or if there are extra chairs for the additional guests who just arrived.  We’ll take care of that for you without thinking twice.


To sum it up, we’re not bound by a specific job description.  We’re not like others who only do what we are paid to do.  At Levco Marquees, we strive to go beyond the call of duty.  We go out of our way to give you the best experience because you trusted us and we’re not going to do anything to ruin that. Talk to us today to know how we can help!