The Chivari Limewash Chair

The Chivari Limewash Chair is an ever-popular event chair, as it benefits from being a comfortable, strong, stackable and easily transportable option.  This classy looking chair is manufactured from European beech wood, which is known for its strength and durability.






The Ghost Chair

Sleek and stunning, this original chair is the work of Phillippe Starck. The Ghost Chair gives a powerful impression when entering any marquee or venue. The simplicity of the design allows the chair to fit into any formal or non formal occasion.






The Napoleon Chair

This transparent chair is great when using LED lighting in the marquee or venue. The way the light reflects off the chair which then allows it to change colour is a great bonus. The chair itself is made from a hyper grade RS10 plastic which is both lightweight and solid.






The Ice Chair

This Ice Chair is very similar to the Napoleon in design, a more subtle looking piece; it comes with various coloured seat pads to choose from so you can be sure to match the décor in the venue with this elegant chair.






The Round Dining Table

The round dining table is gives you flexibility with your table layouts as they come in 3ft,4ft,5ft & 6ft. They are extremely sturdy and are secure with metal folding support legs.





The Rectangle Dining Table

Once again the wooden rectangular table comes in sizes of 4ft long, 5ft long, and 6ft long. By either 2ft or 2.5ft wide. They are a great option to have as a top table or buffet area. They too are extremely sturdy and secure with folding metal support legs.




Mirrored Dining Table Tops

These mirrored tables are a thing of beauty. The table itself is a round or rectangular dining table which would then have a custom made mirror top placed on it. This creates a stunning look and will transform your event.



LED Illuminated Tables

This is the furniture industries crown jewel. The LED Illuminating Table creates and incredible effect when one of our wireless LED Uplights are placed beneath the table causing the light to immerse the tablecloth in any colour of your choosing.  The Uplights can be DMX’ed so each table can change colour mid event with just a touch of a button.

White Gloss Dance Floor

A white gloss dance floor is a perfect piece to finish off any interior. These dance floors allow for a designated dancing area which is coated in an anti slip resin. Uplights can be placed around the parameter of the dance floor to add an extra touch of colour. The white gloss dance floor is popular for most weddings, bar/bas mitzvahs and winter themed events.

Black Gloss Dance Floor

The black gloss dance floor, very much like the white gloss dance floor above  adds a perfect finish to your venue. The black gloss dance floor is much better suited for corporate events. The way the light reflects off the dance floor creates a stunning effect.

White Starlight LED Dance Floor

This amazing dance floor has 100’s of LED lights which create a magical intimate setting. This is the perfect choice for weddings. When guests dance on each panel the LED’S spread back and forth. A simple must have for any wedding dinner.

Black Starlight LED Dance Floor

This beautiful starlight black LED dance floor as with the white dance floor, is a masterpiece. This is a perfect choice for charity dinners, awards nights and corporate events.